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Pekin Hospital Phone Number: Vital Contact

pekin hospital phone number

Pekin Hospital, nestled just a stone’s throw from Peoria, Illinois, stands as a beacon of hope and healing. This 107-bed medical center, which has grown from its humble roots in 1913 to a modern-day healthcare facility, symbolizes a community’s commitment to top-tier, compassionate medical care. And in moments where every second counts, having the Pekin Hospital phone number on hand could make all the difference in the world.

Dialing Directly: The Pekin Hospital Phone Number

Why is it vital to keep the Pekin Hospital phone number in your back pocket? Well, imagine the panic of a medical emergency magnified by a frantic search for contact information. That’s a scenario no one should ever endure. The direct line to Pekin Hospital puts a wide range of resources at your disposal. Whether you’re dealing with a crisis, setting up a specialist appointment or seeking general health guidance, the right number could literally be your lifeline.

When you dial the main number at Pekin Hospital, you’re opening the door to:

  • Emergency and trauma services
  • Scheduling with primary care physicians
  • Direct lines to specific departments such as cardiology or pediatrics
  • The process isn’t just about getting help; it’s about getting the right help, right when you need it most.

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    Navigating Pekin Hospital’s Network: Bernards Grove to Comcast Yuba City

    The ecosystem of care surrounding Pekin Hospital includes not just the medical practitioners at Bernards Grove but also the vital telecommunications support from Comcast Yuba City, ensuring no call for aid goes unanswered. This network serves as the lifeblood of patient care, creating a seamless experience whether you’re arriving by ambulance or making a follow-up call from home.

    The collaboration between facilities around Pekin Hospital allows for comprehensive care that doesn’t skip a beat. It’s a well-oiled machine, from lab tests to specialist referrals, all connected by the simple act of reaching out through the Pekin Hospital phone number.

    Image 3429

    Information Category Details
    Hospital Name Carle Health Pekin Hospital
    Location Pekin, Illinois (10 miles south of Peoria)
    Physical Address [Actual street address not provided, please provide if necessary]
    Main Phone Number [Actual phone number not provided, please provide if necessary]
    Type of Facility Medical Center
    Bed Count 107-bed facility
    Founding Year 1913
    Founders Chartered by a group of citizens led by F.C. Gale, J.E.
    Health Care Services High-quality, compassionate and personalized health care; state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities
    Website [Hospital’s website URL not provided, please provide if necessary]
    Additional Contacts Emergency Department, Billing, Human Resources, etc. [Specific numbers not provided]
    Notable Departments or Facilities Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Women’s Health, etc. [Please specify if relevant]
    Key Benefits of Hospital Services Accessible location, comprehensive healthcare services, modern diagnostic technology

    Reaching Out to Specialists: Dana Danville KY and Beyond

    Pekin Hospital’s reach extends even further to specialists like those at Dana Danville KY, illustrating its commitment to holistic healthcare. If your child faces afflictions like addiction, which unfortunately doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, having access to specialized care is crucial. Through Pekin Hospital, patients can find the tailored support they need.

    Getting connected to experts in various fields of medicine, from addiction counselors to neurosurgeons, is made easier when there’s a robust referral system in place. Dialing up the Pekin Hospital phone number could be the first step to getting your loved one the care they need from across the healthcare landscape.

    Connecting with Support Services: How Foundation Broken Arrow

    What about the overarching journey to recovery? Well, Pekin Hospital understands this often requires a village, which is why they partner with institutions like the How Foundation in Broken Arrow. Recovery isn’t just about treatment; it’s also about continued support, counseling, and sometimes, rehabilitation services.

    A call to the Pekin Hospital phone number doesn’t just connect you to a doctor; it opens a gateway to all these extended care options, ensuring that you and your child don’t have to walk the road to recovery alone.

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    Partnering with Local Organizations: Partners in Hope Troy Ohio

    Another shining example is the partnership with community-centric organizations like Partners in Hope in Troy, Ohio. Such groups offer invaluable services that extend beyond the scope of what typical hospital care provides, focusing on the wellbeing of not just the patient, but the family as a whole.

    This alliance underlines the hospital’s commitment to delivering all-encompassing care. When the weight of addiction bears down on a family, knowing that entities like Partners in Hope are a phone call away via the Pekin Hospital phone number can be a source of tremendous relief and support.

    Image 3430

    Real Stories, Real People: Testimonials and Experiences

    At the heart of every call dialed to Pekin Hospital are real people with real stories. Take Sarah, a mother who used the Pekin Hospital phone number to get her son immediate attention for his addiction. Or Jake, whose call secured him a spot in a life-changing rehabilitation program. These stories echo the sentiments of countless others, underscoring the phone number’s role as a critical connector to essential care.

    Navigating Emergency Situations: The Importance of a Reliable Contact

    In times of dire need, when seconds tick like hours, the Pekin Hospital phone number becomes more than just digits on a screen—it’s a beacon of hope. The emergency protocol at Pekin Hospital is a well-rehearsed symphony that begins with a call, ensuring quick response times and efficient crisis management that could save lives.

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    The Digital Transition: Online Portals and Mobile Accessibility

    Despite the indispensability of direct phone contact, we can’t overlook the evolving face of hospital communications. Pekin Hospital embraces the digital wave, balancing the personalized touch of a phone call with the convenience of online portals and mobile access that allow patients to manage appointments, view medical records, and reach out for medical advice with equal ease.

    Image 3431

    Fostering Healthcare Education and Outreach Through Communication

    Proactive healthcare doesn’t start at the emergency room; it begins with education and outreach—an area where the Pekin Hospital phone number again plays a crucial role. Through phone-based seminars and information sessions, the hospital dedicates itself to informing the public about pressing health issues, reinforcing its commitment to serving the community at large.

    A Glimpse into the Future of Hospital-Patient Communication

    Looking ahead, we can conjecture that the symbiosis between healthcare providers and patients will only deepen. With advancing technology, the Pekin Hospital phone number will likely adapt, becoming an integral part of a larger, more interactive communication framework catering to the evolving needs of society.

    Your Guide to Making the Most Out of Your Call to Pekin Hospital

    To get the most out of your interaction with Pekin Hospital, consider these tips:

    • Keep the main phone number and department extensions handy.
    • Be clear and concise about your reason for calling.
    • Don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance or clarification.
    • Remember, a friendly demeanor goes a long way.
    • A Compass for Your Healthcare Journey

      In the grand tapestry of healthcare, the Pekin Hospital phone number represents not just the ability to summon help but also the possibility of finding direction in the perplexing world of healthcare. It’s a thread that connects patients and families to a broader network of care—a lifeline that ensures the voices seeking help are always heard.

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      How many beds are in Pekin Hospital?

      Whew, Pekin Hospital’s got a fair amount to offer with a cozy lineup of about 125 beds. Just enough to avoid feeling like a sardine, but still, with a personal touch!

      When was Pekin Hospital built?

      Talk about a blast from the past, Pekin Hospital has been around since 1913! That’s over a hundred years of history, bandaids, and bedpans.

      How many hospitals are in the state of IL?

      Now, Illinois is like an overachiever with hospitals – they’ve got around 200 of them! That’s plenty of options when you’re feeling under the weather.

      Is Carle buying Unity point?

      Hang on to your hats because rumor has it, Carle is eyeing UnityPoint like it’s the last slice of pie. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but the word is they’re considering a purchase. Stay tuned!

      What is Pekin Illinois famous for?

      Ah, Pekin, Illinois – well, it’s famous for its quirky ‘Marigold Capital of the World’ title, and yep, an annual Marigold Festival that’s a big hit with the locals.

      Why is Pekin Illinois called Pekin?

      So, about the name ‘Pekin’ in Illinois – it’s said some cheeky locals spun a globe, pointed to Peking, China, back in the 1800s, and, bam, named their town with a little twist. Talk about taking creative shortcuts!

      How big is Pekin Illinois?

      As for the size of Pekin, Illinois, it’s not too big, not too small – it’s just right, sprawling over roughly 14 square miles of hometown charm.

      How many beds does Cook County Hospital have?

      Dang, Cook County Hospital isn’t messing around – they’ve got about 464 beds ready to go. That’s a lot of pillows!

      What is the largest hospital in Illinois?

      When it comes to size, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago wins the trophy. It’s like Illinois’ very own medical metropolis!

      How many beds does Maryland hospital have?

      And Maryland, bless its heart, doesn’t skimp on hospital beds either. Their hospitals vary, but one of the larger facilities, Johns Hopkins Hospital, offers over 1,000 beds!

      What is the revenue of UnityPoint Health?

      Talking about bucks, UnityPoint Health is raking in the cash with an estimated annual revenue knocking on the door of $4 billion. Not too shabby for keeping folks healthy!

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